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According to Internet LiveStat’s current count , there are over 3.2 billion people with access to the internet via desktop and/or mobile devices, a ten-fold increase since 1999. With the ever increasing number of user traffic and subsequent digital demand on e-commerce sites, traditional web hosting is quickly become antiquated with every passing year. As more consumers begin to give preference to online purchases over brick-and-mortar shopping, this poses challenges to businesses in supporting high user traffic while maintaining optimal latency and seamless user checkout interaction. No business is exempt from these challenges, from billion dollar corporations to small sole-proprietorships, the weight and heft of user demand on e-commerce businesses is quickly starting to outweigh the back-end server framework supporting those businesses websites.

The future of e-commerce and seamless online shopping interaction has arrived with the flexibility of online cloud hosting through Amazon Web Services (AWS) . The ability to quickly scale server infrastructure, the associated cost-efficiencies, and the rapid deployment capabilities of cloud computing for e-commerce server infrastructure is tantamount to any dedicated or shared hosting solution offered by even the largest of hosting companies.

With all the benefits of cloud computing, why has the adoption of this seemingly limitless technology been so slow to be adopted? There are a number of reasons. On one end of the spectrum, for large corporations, any change in technology is usually a slow and long adoption curve. Getting an endless chain of decision makers to understand and adopt such a radically different infrastructural setup can take years. Besides that, saying goodbye to the physical infrastructure and data-centers that many corporations have invested heavily in over several years can be a tough pill to swallow.

On the other side of the spectrum, for small business to medium-size businesses, the lack of know-how in IT systems, programming languages, and various AWS service offerings can make the whole process mind-boggling and seemingly not worth the hassle.

Advanced Sports Technology serves as a beacon for small to large businesses looking to implement a cloud hosting infrastructure to their sites to ensure continuous and uninterrupted server-side scaling abilities that will rapidly adapt to small and large traffic loads caused by things such as seasonal demand, media appearances, special circumstance scenarios such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday traffic bursts. As certified AWS Solutions Architects, we can consult and implement an entirely new and supercharged server infrastructure for any website, catered specifically to the clients’ needs and project requirements.