Diving Deeper With Deep Blue Data

There’s no question that every year that passes, technology is making work life easier and less mundane. Its also allowing companies to seek out, compile, and analyze data that in the past, was unobtainable. With the proper know-how and programmatic specialties, Advanced Sports Technology has now launched its AST Deep Blue Data Services division.

Data Services

If someone were to ask you, “what’s the average price of gasoline right now?”, you’d be pretty quick to maybe find that answer from a simple Google search. But let’s change that into a Deep Blue Data scenario. If someone were to ask you, “what has the average price of gasoline been during a full moon for the last 10 years?” you might be hard-pressed to find an answer. While gas prices during a full moon may not be of interest to many people, it may be to you for a specific case. This makes a simple Google search for the answer very difficult if someone hasn’t even bothered to ponder the question before you.

AST Deep Blue Data specializes in programmatic analysis of “wild” data, meaning if its out there in its raw form, we can find it, compile it, and compare it to other unstructured data into useful and actionable information, from gas prices during full moons, to market data during natural disasters, advanced financial analysis and more.

Automation Software Design

Looking to have data entry or parsing automated? It can be done, there’s no need to hire someone to do it for you manually. Email, account creation, SEO, bid-ask spreads, pricing changes, event warnings, even invoicing can all be automated with AST Deep Blue Data by your side.

Support-Side Consulting

The internet and various operating system environments are constantly changing and constantly undergoing updates. What worked yesterday in your customized automation software may not work two months from now for something as small as an extra semicolon placed in the code from an update. We’re able to provide standby support and maintenance of anything we design to ensure that your automated operation remain seamless.

Server & Client Side Data Mining

Our team of programmers are ready and able to provide automation services and software design for both server-side and client-side interfaces. For the non-tech savvy, a client-side software is one that runs on your local computer, while a server-side program is ran off a server computer in a data center (or in the cloud ) while you just receive the results. There advantages and disadvantages to both that we can lead you through when designing your automated solution.