New Product Development Services

We’ll get you to where you need to go, and then even further.

Our boutique-style new product development consulting covers a wide a range of capabilities to make your new product ideas a reality. Our company offers a wide-range of capabilities, including but not limited to:

• Computer-Aided Drawings (CAD)

• Graphic Design
• Breadboarding

• Coding
• Debugging

• Versioning
• PCB Fabrication

• Web Design
• Database Design

• Server Load Testing

• 3D-Printing
• Sourcing

• Custom Component Fabrication
• Supply Chain Management

• Import Logistics
• Customs Brokerage

• Digital Marketing
• Sales Strategy & Training

While no two products are ever alike, a general blueprint of our approach to the product development and launch process is detailed below.


The initial discussion pertains mostly to your product idea, specifically helping us understand exactly what you are trying to create and why. During this investigation period, we will discover things like proposed function, design, size, price point, costing, and versioning. We’ll also explore market feasibility to see if a potential opportunity exists for such a product. It is during this phase that we will uncover new information about competition, feasibility, and discover together whether the idea is truly worth pursuing.


If the client deems the idea to be commercially viable, then at that point, a team scrum will be necessary for us to start to analyze development process, costs, and a projected time frame for each phase of the process. We work with our clients in a variety of ways and proposals will differ depending on the resources and time requirements.


During this phase, we’ll re-explore the initial proposed functionality and design parameters discussed in the Assessment phase and make suggestions for improvement, ease of manufacturing, and per unit cost considerations. Once we have a concrete idea as to the look, feel, and function of the product, our team will begin to render the design as various drafts for client approval using  a variety of methods, such as from CAD to 2D renderings. The client will be responsible for reviewing and making corrections during this phase as their idea truly begins to take form.


Once we have a final design, the prototyping phase begins. Prototyping can take various forms, from bread-boarding to 3D printing, but regardless of the process, the goal in this phase is to make a physical representation of the product’s functionality into a usable and workable system. During this phase, the presentation and look of the prototype takes less of a priority than the function at first, but as the prototype versions progress, we’ll begin to combine form and function together into a final pre-production prototype.


Once the the final prototype is complete, at this point a number of duplicates will be made in order to use as reference points during the sourcing phase. During the sourcing phase, we will begin to put together the supply chain which will inevitably allow the prototype to be manufactured en masse . Oftentimes, this requires the use of various manufacturers of varying geographical locations. During this phase, it may be common to discover that a particular component on the final prototype is not feasible for full-stream production, whether because of cost, function, or manufacturer ability, in which case a revisit to the prototyping phase may be necessary to remedy the component impracticality.


With our new supply chain in place, we will begin to work the supply chain to produce a final sample. This phase is often the most critical because the sample produced here will inevitably become the “shelf-version” of the final product. We will review the final sample with the client to determine any final changes as a go-ahead through this phase means the completion of the product development process.

The post-development process is a point at which our relationship with our clients can begin to grow even more, as we have many relationships with various media outlets, marketing agencies, and public relations professionals. From digital marketing to sales strategy and training, our associates will be able to assist in a variety of functions to help our clients’ finished products become truly successful.